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Calamity hit in the Olujoda area of Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti state municipality on Wednesday after a 45-year-old woodworker was eliminated by a crowd that misinterpreted him for an armed burglar.

Ekiti Youth Mistakenly Mob a Carpenter to Death

An eyewitness account reveal the youths in the area saw the deceased wandering the street and this led them to be suspicious of him. They misjudged him for one of the thiefs that might just have invaded them in the past and afterwards descended on him, clubbing him with harmful items until he fell into a coma. He was later on hurried to the medical facility where he was affirmed dead.

SURGENIG News learnt His bereaved spouse, Yemi, informed newsmen that her hubby informed her that he was heading to Olujoda for a contract. She is asking for justice for her late hubby

Substantiating the incident, the spokesperson of the state police command, Sunday Abutu, when called, claimed investigations have begun into the matter. Abutu stated somebodies have indeed been apprehended about the occurrence.

“My husband told me that he was going to Olujoda to get a contract. I was greatly surprised when I heard he was killed because of suspicion that he was wandering around. The question to ask is that, did they see any dangerous weapon on him? Why couldn’t they take him to the person who contracted him for the job to know his true identity? This was a gross injustice and the perpetrators must be brought to book”.

According to the reports, Olujoda has actually seen a series of robbery encounters in past times and this has actually led to locals to be skeptical of every movement.


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