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The National Assembly on Tuesday was given the proposition for the reopening of schools throughout the nation from the Federal Ministry of Education.

Schools Resumption

The development was disclosed by the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba when he showed up before the Senate Committee on Basic as well as Secondary Education.

The vice-chairman of the panel, Senator Akon Eyakenyi, that presided over the meeting, expressed the concerns that the academic calendar might be perverted in public schools where no noticeable plan was being made to educate the youngsters at home unlike their counterparts in private institutions.

He, nevertheless, did not disclose the details of the proposal claiming that some could take it as the ministry’s standards for schools reopening.

Nwajiuba in the course of his appointment with the committee revealed the ministry’s plan for pupils that been at home for more than a month because of the outbreak of Coronavirus in the nation.

He said, “Children are asymptomatic carriers. Nobody can prove whether they can infect each other. Not even health experts. Everything we know about it is what we read. There is nothing we discovered on our own.”

“In the document, we have provided, we have suggested how we can move our education sector forward in this pandemic period.”

“We don’t want to make it (proposal) known at this period so that some people will not take our proposal for the guidelines for schools reopening.”

“The documents were presented to you so that you can criticise and make inputs as major stakeholders”

The Minister reacted to the decision of the Oyo State Government to reopen schools despite the increase in Coronavirus cases.

He said, “Why is Oyo State talking of reopening schools when it has just started recording an increase in cases of coronavirus infection?”

“Just beside Oyo is Ogun State which was part of the three states under the FG’s lockdown since April and it’s not talking about schools reopening.”

“As we speak, Kogi and Cross River states are not on the same page with the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on the issue of testing while all their neighbouring states are conducting tests.”


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