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Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, has release a new operational guidelines for the Police and other law-enforcement agencies.

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Adamu said that the guidelines were for all security personnel on the frontline of ensuring COVID-19 prevention orders.

The Inspector General of Police said that they were part of measures to foster a harmonious relationship between security agencies and the public.

He said the guidelines would deepen respect for the right of citizens and provide a new set of policing tools for tackling emerging crimes.

Part of the guidelines state that officers on duty “must ensure adequate self-protection by frequently washing their hands with soap, use of hand sanitisers, wearing of face mask and maintaining of social distancing”.

He told them to make efforts to “understand the regulations and measures that guides COVID-19 by the authorities and their responsibilities in ensuring compliance”.

Adamu further decried the increasing cases of domestic violence such as child molestation, defilement, cybercrime and other gender-based violence (GBV).

The IGP expressed confidence that the new guidelines will help to adequately coordinate and reshape the conducts of law enforcement personnel.

The Police chief assured that the cybercrime unit of the force had also been strengthened to deal with COVID-19 pandemic related cybercrime.

Adamu ordered Assistant Inspectors General of Police, Commissioners of Police, State Commands and Heads of Police Departments/Formations to convey the guidelines at briefings and lectures.

The IGP directed Force Provost Department, X-Squad, Force Public Relations Department, Complaint Response Unit and Public Complaint Bureau to carry out their oversight roles of adequate evaluation and monitoring.


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