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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Saturday issued guidelines for the reopening of religious centres across the country, asking children and people aged 60 and above to avoid worship centres for the time being.

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It explain that the public toilets and sales outlets in churches and mosques must be shut during services.

This comes after the Federal Government lifted the ban on religious and other public gatherings to check the spread of COVID-19.

According to the guidelines posted on its website, the NCDC said before reopening, religious houses should fumigate their auditoriums, car parks and other buildings by wiping all surfaces with a disinfecting agent.

NCDC stated that during services, windows and doors must be opened to enable airflow while adequate provision should be made for soap, running water and hand sanitisers at entry points.

“There should be no entry without face masks; provide disposable face masks where practicable.

“To help educate on COVID-19, it is recommended for places of worship to have preventive messages from NCDC posted at entry points and around places of worship.

“Holy communion should be packaged in disposable wraps. Drinking water points, public toilets and sales outlets must be closed for now,” the NCDC explained.

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In addition, ablution should be done at home and discouraged the sharing of kettles and any personal item

Finally, “Religious leaders must maintain two metres when praying or counselling and avoid body contact with members. Places of worship should be free of carpets and rugs to allow easy disinfection of the floor.


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