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Brazil, currently the hardest-hit Latin American country with greater than 828,000 confirmed infection cases, additionally has the second-highest casualty from COVID-19 behind the United States.


Talking on the situation, Dr Michael Ryan, the World Health Organisation’s emergencies chief said: ‘Overall the health and system is still coping in Brazil, although, having stated that, with the continual variety of extreme instances that stays to be seen, plainly the health system throughout the nation requires considerable assistance in order to sustain its effort in this regard.

The information we have at the moment supports a system under pressure, but a system still coping with the number of severe cases”


Bodies are at the moment being exhumed in Brazil to make way for Coronavirus death as the nation’s casualty gets to 41,828, going beyond that of the UK after reporting 909 fatalities this weekend break.

Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populated city, is now freeing up space at its city’s graveyards by digging up the bodies of people buried at least 3 years back and also keeping their bagged remains in big steel containers.

According to the Sao Paolo government, in a declaration launched on Saturday, the cadavers will certainly be saved briefly in 12 storage space containers the city’s funeral services has actually acquired.


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