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Brazil has already ended up being the 2nd nation on the planet after the United States to affirm greater than one million instances of COVID-19.

Brazil becomes Number 2 in the World, haven passes 1 million Coronavirus cases after 54,771 tested positive in one day

The health ministry on Friday evening reported 54,771 all-new instances, the highest daily rise in any nation since the pandemic started, taking the total amount to 1,032,913.

The authorities stated around fifty percent of increase resulted from delayed reporting in 3 states, consisting of São Paulo

The United States has the highest possible instances as well as deaths worldwide. Much more than 2.2 million instances as well as over 120,000 mortalities have already been verified in America.

Furthermore, there were greater than 1,200 fatalities for the 4th successive day, taking the total amount to virtually 49,000.

The far-right leader has already consistently clashed with state guvs as well as mayors over their rigorous restrictions to control the spread of the infection. His approach has already even brought about the resignation of 2 health ministers.

President Jair Bolsonaro has already been greatly criticised for his reaction to the situation.


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