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Talking at the daily rundown of the Presidential Task Force on COVID19, Ehanire claimed that the ministry have actually obtained the report of the Ministerial Task Team.

According to the Minister, it was observed that 50 to 60 percent of persons over the age of 65 passed away of COVID-19 associated instances while others passed away due to forget or hold-up in therapy. The preacher included that concerning 979 odd deaths happened in 8 Municipal Area Councils of the state.

Kano mysterious death

Dr Osagie Ehanire, Nigeria’s Minister of Health, today revealed that 60 percent of the recent deaths reported in Kano State have actually been connected to COVID-19 infection.

If it is associated to COVID19, this motivated the constitution of a Ministerial task force that was sent out to Kano to explore the causes of the strange death and also to likewise determine.

Remember that in April, Nigerians required to social media to share fear over the strange deaths in Kano state which supposedly went up to 640 in one week.

“The team confirmed from graveyard records, that a total of 979 deaths were recorded in 8 municipal LGA in the state at a rate of 43 deaths per day, with a peak in the second week of April.

By the beginning of May, the death rate had reduced to the 11 deaths per day it used to be. The verbal autopsy revealed that about 52 per cent of deaths had occurred at home while 38 per cent were in a hospital.

If circumstantial evidence are all to go by, investigation suggests that between 50-60 per cent of the deaths may have been triggered by or due to COVID-19 in the face of preexisting ailments. Most fatalities were over 65 years of age” he said


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