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Two Coronavirus patients have reportedly absconded after being notified of their test results by health officials in Kaduna state

In a statement released today May 10, Kaduna state’s Commissioner of Health Dr. Amina Mohammed-Baloni said the two patients had been on isolation pending receipts of their test results, and had been duly informed on Friday that they had tested positive.


The patients have however been incommunicado since being informed that they had tested positive and would be moved to the KDSG isolation centre for treatment. 

Baloni said; 

“Health officials subsequently notified them that a team will be coming to convey them to the isolation centre for treatment.

“These persons subsequently switched off their phones and have remained incommunicado.

“These reckless action of theirs is endangering themselves, their families and the larger community.

“Similar irresponsible conduct by some COVID-19 positive cases has been reported in another state.

“It is a pattern of behaviour that must be stopped because it is dangerous to public safety.”

The Health Commissioner further revealed that details of the two persons have been made available to security agencies for tracking and surveillance.

Dr Baloni added; 

“COVID-19 is not a death sentence. Persons who receive treatment promptly have a higher chance of defeating the disease.

“Twelve persons have so far been discharged in Kaduna State after receiving treatment and our health professionals are working hard for the recovery of other patients.”

Two Coronavirus patients abscond in Kaduna state


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