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The All Progressives Congress (APC), deputy national chairman (north) Lawal, Shuaibu has suggested that the end of the party makes certain due to the party chairman, Adam’s Oshiomhole’s lawlessness.

He said the party has still not learnt its lesson, despite the supreme court’s decision which voided APC’s success in the Zamfara elections

About a Year earlier,. Shuaibu had asked Oshiomhole in an open letter to resign, cautioning that he sould only lead the party into destruction.

APC Nigeria 1
Oshiomhole’s Lawlessness may plunge APC into Doom- Deputy Chairman

The letter apparently earned him suspension from the national working committee.

He stated the principles and the rule of law upon which the party was established “is now subject to arbitrary administration, without determines of the law”.

In a statement entitled, ‘APC and its future, let us work out caution’, Shuaibu stated the party overlooked his idea when he asked Oshiomhole to step down as chairman and enable the party to refocus and restore.

“The ruling party which ought to be a model for others in the upholding of the rule of law, is now the nest of lawlessness,” he said

Interestingly, all the issues I raised in my said letter have come to pass. Till date, the party, founded on the principles of constitutionalism and rule of law, is now subject of arbitrary administration, without regard for the dictates of the law.

“The ruling party which ought to be a model for others in the upholding of the rule of law, is now the nest of lawlessness. The entire legal framework governing the party administration in Nigeria today, the Nigerian constitution, the party constitution, the electoral act and INEC regulations and guidelines are more honoured by the party in breaches than obedience.

“To buttress my above assertion, the following few examples will drive the point home. By (Article 9.1(ii) and 9.4 (i) of the APC Constitution as amended, pages 6 and 8) every member will be registered at his ward when his or her name is entered in the register by the ward executives.

“My understanding of this provision is that power in the party is exercised bottom up! What this means is that every member of the party is answerable to his constituency. Being a party member, therefore, is a constitutional issue embedded in the membership register.

“Also, the constitution of the party stipulates a mandatory meeting of the national executive committee (NEC) every three months (Article 25 B (i) of the APC constitution as amended.). This regular meeting is not only targeted at keeping the members abreast of developments, but ensuring collective responsibility of decision taken by the combined effect of the above provision and Article 18 of the APC Constitution as amended).

“NEC is the main decision-making organ after the convention, and shall meet every three months. The power to set up standing or ad-hoc committees of the party is vested in the same NEC.”


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