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A popular hotelier in Ogun State, Alhaji Jimoh Bello, who went missing on Monday night May 18, was found dead inside his vehicle trunk along Owode-Idi-Iroko Roadway in the state yesterday May 21.

” He was reported missing on Wednesday. Today, we got a call about a car parked on the road with blood. Policemen went to the scene, opened the trunk and discovered his body.

” The body was already in a bad shape when it was found. We have begun examination.” he said.

After an intense search, he was found naked inside the trunk of his saloon car today May 21. It is thought that he was assailed on his way by opponents who removed and killed him, then locked his body inside his car.

Road users who noticed a smell from a vehicle that was stationed by the roadside, informed the police who opened the car and discovered the man’s dead body in the trunk.

At this moment, we do not understand how he was killed or those who did it. We do not understand if the blood was as an outcome of body injuries.

Ogun state hotelier, Jimoh Bello, who went missing on Monday, found dead inside his car trunk (graphic images).

The state Commissioner for Police, Kenneth Ebrimson, who validated the event, said an investigation has started.

Late Bello who owns Uncle J. Bee Hotel situated at 168, Lagos-Idiroko Roadway, Owode, Yewa South City government area of Ogun State, left his house at Owode around 8:30 pm on May 18 for Idi-Iroko however never got to his location. His relative declared him missing after awaiting two days.

Jimoh Bello, who went missing on Monday, found dead inside his car trunk


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