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In a report made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja, the NCDC, however, stated that more deaths have been recorded among older people of 60 years and above.

According to the NCDC, men were two times more likely to get the virus as shown in its latest demographic data on COVID-19 confirmed cases.

“(People) between 31 and 40 years (of age) have the highest rate of confirmed cases.

“More males in that age category are confirmed cases but with lower mortality rate.

“Age 31-40: Male – 797 infected with seven deaths, female – 324 with four deaths but lower mortality compared to older persons,” the report said.

The report released by the NCDC also showed that more deaths were recorded among 61-70 years, though the lowest rate in confirmed cases.

“Ages 61-70: Male-188 infected with three deaths, Female- 52 infected with four deaths.

“Age 70 plus: Male – 74 infected with 12 deaths, Female -33 infected with five deaths. Highest rate of mortality- comparable to global data,” it showed.

The report also showed a very high rate of mortality among ages 41- 50 and 51-60.

“Ages 41-50: Male – 570 infected with 15 deaths, Female- 206 infected with four deaths.

Ages 51-60: Male- 364 infected with 27 deaths, Female- I48 infected with three deaths,” it said.


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