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Gentry also explained that Mercy Aigbe is quiet part of him despite their separation.

I don’t know why some Nigerians are quick to jump to conclusions when they see harmless and innocent posts online. Mercy Aigbe knows the lady I celebrated very well. This is not the first time that people have speculated that I’ve married new woman based on social media posts.
It seems a lot of people are just obsessed with marriage for me. I’m a Yoruba man and if I want to marry new wife, I would do that” he said

Mercy Aigbe

Gentry was in the news recently after he shared a photo of a lady on social media and many thought she was his new wife.

Me and Mercy are not fighting. If I want to see her, I would call her and if she needs anything, she also calls me.

Mercy Aigbe knows the lady I celebrated very well. Me and Mercy are not quarreling. I quiet see Mercy as a part of me.

God has the final say over our relationship and He knows how it would turn out in the future. I quiet see Mercy as a part of me. It’s only a mentally unstable man that would leave a woman with children to go and fend for herself” he said

In a conversation with Punch, Gentry threw out the report. He said the lady whose photo he shared, is his young brother’s wife.

Three years ago, his 7-year-old marriage to Mercy Hit the rock on grounds of domestic violence among others.

Mercy Aigbe’s ex-husband, Lanre Gentry, says he has not yet remarried.


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