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The Request of the Governors to the Nigerian Lawmakers to stop its consideration of the Control of Infectious Disease Bill, 2020 has been responded to by representative at the upper chamber.

Reacting to the development was the Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Ajibola Basiru via his Twitter on Thursday night, said the National Assembly has revealed that they are yet to receive any official statements from the Nigerian Governor’s Forum (NGF) mandating them to step down the Disease Bill.

here is Senator (Dr.) Ajibola Basiru series of tweets on the infectious diseases Bill


  1. This Bill Amid COVID- 19 disease control shouldn’t be passed in Nigeria. Why because, Nigeria is not the among the country with the highest death rate on COVID- 19. Why would Nigeria government want pass a bill that contains an agreement to make a nation a satanic nation, why would the bill start from Nigeria, Must Nigeria Government accept anything they come across because it has some amount of money written on it. Why is it that our Senators and the Law Maker’s don’t have any shame. Why is it that the Nigerian government will be known for greed and self-centeredness. Why must the Nigerian government fall for anything that has to do with money. Must every deception
    by the white men start from Nigeria? Bill Gate of America want to use the bill to achieve what his father couldn’t achieve, that the Anti-Christ. He planned this with the Chinese nation to bring COVID-19 disease, He paid them to make 5G network so that he can use it as vaccine. 5G network is the Mark of the Beast our bible and our Quran talked about. He knew it wouldn’t be possible in the United State of America that is why he brought it to Africa. I want to ask Nigeria government a simple question. Have the Chinese nation who brought the vaccine, European countries, American countries, Asian countries passed that bill in there countries? I still want to ask, Is Nigeria the only country that have COVID-19? Is Nigeria the first country to notice COVID-19? Is COVID-19 the first disease that came to Nigeria? What about the country’s with thousands of death rate on COVID-19, have they passed the bill? Must we let the white people fool us again? Why would a great nation like Nigeria be fooled by an individual who is not even a citizen, what then will happen if a complete nation comes out with another tricks? I urge Nigeria government to be wise. This bill should start with the nations with the highest rate of COVID-19. To avoid using our hand to bring Anti-Christ to Nigeria and making Nigeria a satanic nation, everything about the COVID-19 bill should be aborted. Because this is a journey of no return. But if Nigeria insist, Nigeria should be divided so that the people who don’t want to reason can pass the bill on their own region. Nigeria government should manage what we have and stop selling us to the white because of small token. Nigeria government should stop playing politics with everything. THIS COVID-19 BILL SHOULD BE ABORTED. It will affect everyone. This one does not matter if your family is in abroad. Don’t make Nigeria a satanic nation. Don’t bring Anti-Christ to Nigeria. The COVID-19 BILL is the Mark of the Beast that our bible and our Quran talked about. NO 5G NETWORK, NO COVID-19 BILL. Nigerian leaders should use their senses. Avoid Bill Gate of American and Avoid China vaccine.


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