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One of nine people being treated for Covid-19 in Abakaliki has been discharged after testing negative. The patient, a female, is the fifth case recorded in Ebonyi.

We are here at the treatment centre to discharge one of our patients who tested negative after being confirmed 14 days ago for covid-19,” said Dr Daniel Umezuruike, Ebonyi health commissioner.


We thank God for this success story. We thank his Excellency the Governor for all his efforts, wisdom and commitment in fighting this pandemic since inception.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank the frontline health workers who have come out boldly with confidence without fear of anything to confront this scourge.

As we are discharging this young lady, we are congratulating her too because out of the nine cases that we have so far registered in Ebonyi state, she is the first person that tested negative.

She wasn’t the first person to come but she was the first to be negative. So, we congratulate her. “We have told her that as she is discharged today, she is free but there is one peculiar problem with covid-19 because anybody that have suffered it before can still contract it, he explained.


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