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Emir Sanusi new baby girl

Saadatu is said to be an indigene of Adamawa state and got married to the former emir Sanusi on September 15, 2015.

Taking to social media, one of the Emir’s sons, Ashraf reported the news of the baby’s birth where he also disclosed that that the baby is named after the 1st wife.

Whenever people asked me about my mothers, I’d say I have 3 (now 4) because all of my father’s wives are my mothers. In that spirit I want to share something that warmed my heart with you. My first mum, Yaya (Giwa) has basically taken care of the 4th especially through this trying period.

My second mum, (Goggo) Mamie, seeing this pleaded with my father to name the new baby after her (Yaya). And masha Allah the new baby is named Halimatu Saadiyya (Rafeeqah). This is the spirit of family and peace that makes me happy.

May that peace continue to reign. Here she is with her elder siblings that In Shaa Allah won’t bully her 🤣, MashaAllah. Please say allahumma barik, or MashaAllah Tabarakallah for my little sister.💙


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