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The head of Burundi election commission has appealed for patience as ballots are gathered and tallied following a tense poll to decide who will change long-serving leader President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Burundi election
A man casting his vote during the Burundi election

Burundians voted on Wednesday to elect their president, lawmakers and regional officials in an election marked by accusations of fraud and carried out with scant attention paid to the coronavirus pandemic.

The chairman of Burundi’s National Independent Electoral Commission prompted those “getting impatient” to be calm, saying the process of counting all the votes would take numerous days, and results would be revealed on Monday or Tuesday.

Nkurunziza won a disputed 3rd term, however did not contest this race after 15 frequently turbulent years in power.

CNL spokesman Therence Manirambona informed the AFP news company that there had been events of proxy ballot, people voting multiple times and the ballot cards of missing citizens being rearranged to the governing party electors.

The last election in 2015 descended into violence that left 1,200 dead.


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