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Instagram comedian Nasty Blaq has been accused multiple times of promoting sexual assault with his skits but he had it worse yesterday when Twitter users called him out for his latest skit.

Savage Nigerians suggest alternative jobs for Instagram comedian,Nasty Blaq after he was accused of promoting rape in his latest skit

In the skit that angered Twitter users, Nasty is seen looking at a fully clothed woman and imagining her in a skimpy outfit. When she approached him to ask for oil, he informed her to go into his house to get it and when she did, he went in after her, locked the door, and threw the key away.

Twitter users said that was the height and he was called out for the rapey intent exhibited in the video.

Some Twitter users told him that comedy is not working for him and they went on to suggest alternative job options for him in a lengthy and hilarious thread that saw people rejecting him as unfit for every job suggested for him.

Though Nasty Blaq has apologized, Twitter users have not stopped calling him out.


See some tweets from the thread calling him out below.



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